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Kadimastem Adds International Scientist Professor Jeanne Loring to Its Scientific Advisory Board

Dec. 7, 2014

Ness Ziona, Israel December 7th, 2014, Israeli biotechnology company Kadimastem (TASE:
KDST) announces today the reinforcing of its scientific advisory board. Professor Jeanne
Loring, of California, an expert in the stem cell research and neurodegenerative diseases
fields, joins Kadimastem as a member of the company's scientific advisory board.
Prof. Loring is a professor of developmental neurobiology, and the founder and director of a
center for regenerative medicine in California.
The addition of Prof. Loring is another step in fulfilling the company's vision of establishing
its status as a leading company in the development of pluripotent stem cell-based treatment
for severe diseases.
Professor Michel Revel, Chief Scientist of Kadimastem, noted: "We are glad that Professor
Loring is joining us. This will contribute significantly in advancing the stem cell technology
development for the treatment of severe nervous system diseases ".
Yossi Ben-Yossef, CEO of Kadimastem, added: "Kadimastem continues to realize its vision to
become one of the significant embryonic stem cell companies in the world. We are pleased
with the appreciation and vote of confidence in the company by a world-renowned expert.
Her vast experience will assist to advance and develop treatment for severe diseases based
on stem cell technology".
About Kadimastem
Kadimastem  (www.kadimastem.com)  (TASE:  KDST)  uses  human  stem  cells  that  are
differentiated  to  create  medical  solutions  for  diabetes  and  degenerative  diseases  of  the
nervous system and for drug screening. The company’s technological platform enables the
differentiation  of  stem  cells  into  a  range  of  functional  human  cells,  including  neuronsupporting cells in the brain as well as pancreatic cells that secrete insulin – beta cells.
Kadimastem relies on technology that was initially invented at the Weizmann Institute in Prof.
Michel Revel’s laboratory, and which is now being further developed and advanced in the
company’s  labs  at  the  Weizmann  Science  Park.  Kadimastem  is  developing  two  types  of
medical applications: A. Regenerative medicine, the purpose of which is to repair and replace
tissues and organs damaged by disease using healthy cells grown in laboratory conditions, for
example,  transplantation  of  insulin-secreting  pancreas  cells  to  treat  insulin-dependent
diabetes, or transplantation of healthy brain-supporting cells to improve survival of nerve cells
and treat ALS; B. Drug screening platforms which use functional human cells and tissues to
discover new medicinal drugs. 

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