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Kadimastem to Collaborate with Professor Shimon Efrat of Tel Aviv University, to Accelerate the Development of Diabetes Cell Therapy

Jan. 26, 2015

The research will deal with cell therapy for diabetes and is based on the technology developed by Kadimastem and Professor Shimon Efrat's knowledge
Ness Ziona, Israel, January 26, 2015, Israeli biotechnology company Kadimastem (TASE: KDST) announces today the signing of an agreement with Ramot, Tel Aviv University's (TAU) technology transfer company. Under the agreement, the company will conduct joint research with Prof. Shimon Efrat in the field of cell therapy for diabetes, based on the technology developed by Kadimastem, and the extensive experience accumulated by Prof. Efrat and his TAU research team.
Prof. Shimon Efrat is an international expert of cell-based treatment for diabetes. In addition, Prof. Efrat will join Kadimastem as a consultant and as a member of the company's scientific advisory board, and will closely accompany the diabetes project alongside the other three leading stem cell experts in Israel already operating in the company: Professor Michel Revel, the company's Chief Scientist and founder, who developed the blockbuster drug Rebif®, Professor Benjamin Reubinoff, Director of the Center for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research at Hadassah Medical Center, and Professor Joseph Itskovitz-Eldor, of the Technion University medical faculty, until recently head of the Technion embryonic stem cell research laboratory.
Professor Michel Revel, Chief Scientist of Kadimastem, noted "This is an important collaboration in the stem cell field in Israel. The current project will integrate the rich experience of several scientists who are experts in the field, in order to achieve a breakthrough in cell therapy in the diabetes field, which will be led by Kadimastem".
Yossi Ben-Yossef, CEO of Kadimastem, added "This is a vote of confidence in the company and its technological capabilities, and the cumulative knowledge of four experts and three leading Israeli academic medical centers. We believe that this strategic collaboration will enable Kadimastem to accelerate the development process of cell therapy for diabetes and help reach clinical trials more quickly".

Professor Shimon Efrat, Head of the Research Group of Tel Aviv University, noted "I am happy for the opportunity to collaborate with Kadimastem in advancing the research and development of the future treatment for diabetes using stem cells, and to join the company's team of scientific advisors".
The joint research with Prof. Efrat will be financed by Kadimastem. Upon the progress according to milestones for the clinical development of the diabetes therapeutic product (including FDA approval), there will also be payment by way of company shares, as well as  royalties payments on the sales of the final product.

Kadimastem's Cellular Therapy Product for Diabetes
Kadimastem's cell-based product for the treatment of diabetes is meant to be implanted in patients using a simple surgical procedure. The transplanted cells will produce and secrete insulin and other hormones to regulate blood glucose levels. In preliminary animal trials, the ability of the cells to secrete human insulin into the mice's blood was proved. The product is designated to create a long-term regulation of blood glucose levels, thereby diminishing the necessity for blood glucose level monitoring and insulin shots. This level of monitoring and control will enable the reduction of cumulative damage caused by high blood glucose levels in diabetes patients (including vascular and kidney diseases) and prevent the dangerous condition of low blood glucose levels (hypoglycemia). 




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