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Jason Kolbert from US Investment Bank Maxim Group, Notes Kadimastem Alongside Leaders in the Field of ALS

Feb. 24, 2015

Jason Kolbert, the Head of Healthcare Research for the investment bank Maxim Group, published on February 23, 2015, a comprehensive industry research analysis report on ALS cell therapy.
In the analysis, Jason Kolbert, a leading US analyst in biotech in general and in cell therapy in particular, put Kadimastem alongside prominent companies in the field: Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. (BCLI) (market cap $71M) and Neuralstem Inc. (CUR) (market cap $332M).
In the analysis Mr. Kolbert reviews the rewards vs. the risks in the industry.
Mr. Kolbert favorably notes Kadimastem's method and its ability to help ALS patients. Additionally, he supports Kadimastem's basic premise for cell therapy through brain supporting cells (astrocytes) produced from embryonic stem cells.
Mr. Kolbert also notes that in the first preclinical trials conducted by the company, positive results were achieved, supporting approaching the FDA towards the start of clinical trials.
He states that the technology proposed by Kadimastem, as an off-the-shelf product, enables quick availability of cells at low production costs compared to the competition.
It should be noted that the company does not have a commercial relationship with Maxim. Jason Kolbert chose to add the company to the analysis as a promising company, and alongside the industry leaders.
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