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Kadimastem wishes all of you a happy holiday season and a very happy new years! 

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Prof. Ariel Revel at Biotechnology Innovation Organization in #boston talking about our AstroRx cell technology and our vision to treat #ALS patients on their podcast at the conference!
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קדימהסטם מתקדמת בצעדי ענק בדרך לניסוי קליני בארה״ב - צפו בפאנל עם צמרת החברה

חברת קדימהסטם הגישה איי אנ די  אתמול לרשות המזון והתרופות האמריקאית האפ די איי  לניסוי קליני שלב 2 לטיפול בניוון שרירים. מנהלי החברה מסבירים את המשמעויות ואת אבני הדרך מכאן והלאה

חדשות ספונסר

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This year, November #WorldDiabetesDay brings never before seen hope and a glimpse at the not too distant future where #diabetes is a curable condition. What does this mean? Watch this i24NEWS English report about #Kadimastem’s #IsletRx program. Thank you i24, Prof. Ariel Revel and Dr. Kfir Molakandov for sharing this important story.

Kadimastem LTD prides itself on its companionate team members who truly care for the cause of bringing a better treatment to those suffering with #als. As part of that, every year in Israel we join and donate to the Israls ישראלס foundation who do incredible work for ALS patients around the country. A huge shout out to IsrALS and Efrat Carmi who makes it happen every year and puts on an amazing event to raise awareness in our communities. This year was no less amazing!

We will meet and run with you all again next year and continue the fight!

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What is the difference between sporadic and genetic ALS? Should families with a relative living with ALS be tested? How does this effect pregnancy? And what are the latest studies showing? The answers to these questions and more in this edition of Ask Professor Revel.

Nutrition is important for all of us, but managing diet is especially important for those with #ALS. In this edition of #AskProfRevel, we learn about what to consider throughout the progression. 


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Watch this special interview with Professor Ariel Revel in honor of ALS Awareness month.

Learn about the current status and future plans for AstroRx, Kadimastem’s treatment for #ALS.


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And special thanks to host @MarciHopkins & producer @CindyGarnick.

Ariel Revel has answered questions about diabetes in the Ask Professor Revel video series. Today, he answers an important question about exercise for those with a predisposition or a diagnosis with ALS. If this is you, a friend or a loved one – have a watch. Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy Passover and Easter holiday.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Professor Revel talks about the concert of hormones that influence sleep quality for women, and especially those living with diabetes. Have a watch of this latest episode of Ask Professor Revel and let us know if this is you.

In this episode of Ask Professor Revel, the professor addresses parents with children with diabetes. Learn about the importance of the Teddy Study & Epigenetics as well as what’s in development to cure children with this condition

Professor Ariel Revel, MD answers:  What about pregnant women with diabetes? Is there anything else to know? 

Thanks for watching and if you have any questions for Professor Revel, please email

Watch this report by i24 TV reporter and host Sitruk Fleur (thank you Fleur!) who shares what she learned about Kadimastem’s #celltherapy products for #ALS and #Diabetes during her recent visit to the company’s labs.

Professor Ariel Revel, MD appeared on Channel 14 in Israel עכשיו 14 and explains our cure for diabetes type 1

Professor Ariel Revel, MD answers: How can we eat healthy during the holidays? Watch the video to find out.

Hebrew Radio Interview by Radio Host Gideon Reicher with Professor Ariel Revel, MD for Diabetes Awareness Month: 

שומרים על הגוף, מרחיקים את הסוכרת

השבוע חל יום הסוכרת הבינלאומי 

כיצד נוכל להגן על גופנו מהמחלה, ולשמור על תזונה מאוזנת גם בגילאים מבוגרים?  פרופ' אריאל רבל הסביר

השבוע, צוין ברחבי העולם יום הסוכרת הבינלאומי, זאת על מנת לעורר מודעות לסכנות הרבות במחלה שהפכה נפוצה מדי. באופן מצער, שיעור חולי הסוכרת בגילאים מבוגרים עולה בקצב מדאיג, ולכן כדאי להקפיד על תזונה נכונה וקיום אורח חיים בריא. 

פרופ' אריאל רבל, מנהל שירות חדשנות פריון במרכז הרפואי שמיר ומנהל תחום הרפואה בחברת 'קדימהסטם', סיפר עוד על המחלה המורכבת



נלחמים בסוכרת  |  צילום: Ingram Images

We were Honored to ring the bell to start the trading dat at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange this morning recognizing International Diabetes Awareness Day Nov. 14th. 

Thank you to TASE for hosting us and providing the platform to bring awareness to the disease and publicly Israeli companies fighting the battle to find a cure!

#DiabetesAwarenessMonth #Celltherapy #StemCellTherapy 

Photographer: Yoray Liberman

If you are hoping that a cure will be found for diabetes or want to be part of such an effort, then this is an interview you should watch. 

Thank you @theDonnaDrakeTVshow for hosting Dr. Michal Izrael to talk about the exciting progress at Kadimastem.

#DiabetesAwarenessMonth #Celltherapy #StemCellTherapy 

Watch CEO of Kadimastem Ltd. Asaf Shiloni on IMPROVATE- Life Saving Technologies. Asaf talks about our #technology, stem cell differentiation capabilities and #innovation for the treatments for #ALS and #type1diabetes!

Michal Izrael PhD. interviewed by Jobeth Devera on @NBCLX, May 3rd 2021 for ALS Awareness Month

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