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Kadimastem and Implant Therapeutics, Inc. Sign an Evaluation Agreement

The Evaluation Agreement is Towards the Potential Licensing of “Immune Evasive” Cells

If the feasibility study is successful, it would be a significant step forward towards pancreatic tissue engineering that could be used to develop Kadimastem’s IsletRx for diabetes in a way where transplantation would be possible without concern of immune rejection


Ness Ziona, Science Park and Beltsville, Maryland, June 8, 2022 --- Kadimastem Ltd. (TASE: KDST), a clinical stage cell therapy company developing a treatment for ALS, exploring other neurodegenerative diseases and developing a potential cure for diabetes, has signed an agreement with Implant Therapeutics, Inc. for use of “Immune Evasive Cell” iACT cells, (Which are implant cells that the immune system does not recognize as foreign to the body) Implant's breakthrough technology to prevent transplant rejection.

Under the terms of the agreement, a feasibility study will be conducted to test if Implant Therapeutic’s iACTTM cells can provide a solution to the challenge of transplant immune protection and avoidance of rejection of Kadimastem’s IsletRx for diabetes.

If so, Implant Therapeutics iACTTM cells could be a good cell source for Kadimastem to create its glucose sensing, insulin producing pancreatic cells, the basis for IsletRx, without the need of Immune protection or immunosuppression.

Beta Cells. Photo credit: Kadimastem

The iACTTM “Immune Evasive” cell technology uses genetic modifications to cloak cells to be seen as part of the receiving body’s immune system and therefore are not rejected following transplantation.

The success of the licensing feasibility study would be a significant step forward towards the potential to create pancreatic islet organoids, capable of producing insulin and glucagon as well as regulating blood glucose levels, that would not be rejected by the body. A successful evaluation may result in the licensing by Kadimastem of Implant Therapeutics’ technology.

Kadimastem CEO Asaf Shiloni said, “This strategic agreement with Implant is the result of a long-term effort we have invested in bringing the innovative “Immune Evasive” cell technology to Kadimastem. The new capability takes us to the forefront of the race to develop diabetes care and will allow us to apply advanced technologies to create an optimal and ultimate solution to the central problem of protecting cells from the patient's own immune system. I welcome the move and hope that this technology will further advance the development of IsletRx, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of the millions of people living with diabetes worldwide."

About IsletRx

IsletRx is a cell therapy treatment for diabetes, achieved by expanding the population of allogeneic stem cells differentiated into functioning insulin and glucagon producing and releasing pancreatic islet cells. The company then uses a proprietary technology to select the highest functioning cells, enrich them and then transplant them into the body. Preclinical studies have shown that the cells are able to detect the sugar levels in the body and to produce, and secrete, on demand, the required amounts of insulin and glucagon, just like a healthy pancreas.

IsletRx demonstrated safety and efficacy in a proof-of-concept preclinical study. An INTERACT meeting took place with the FDA on October 7, 2021, where the diabetes treatment program was discussed, and the company received directions how to prepare its Pre-IND submission.

About Implant Therapeutics

Implant Therapeutics is a subsidiary of panCELLa whose mission is to develop therapeutic products in the immunology and cell therapy space and to partner with other companies to develop novel products in areas of regenerative medicine. Implant Therapeutics, under the guidance of Dr. Mahendra Rao, is engineering human iPSC cells that incorporate failsafe, iACT, hypoimmunogenic and safe-harbor technologies. These iPSC cells are “Immune Evasive” and are an ideal choice for replacement strategies of many cell types combining the advantages of allogeneic and autologous cells as well as allowing them to be used as ex-vivo gene therapy vehicles. To learn more, visit

Kadimastem is a clinical stage cell therapy company, developing and manufacturing "off-the-shelf", allogeneic, proprietary cell products based on its technology platform for the expansion and differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESCs) into functional cells. AstroRx®, the company's lead product, is an astrocyte cell therapy in clinical development for the treatment for ALS and in pre-clinical studies for other neurodegenerative indications.

IsletRx is the company's treatment for diabetes. IsletRx is comprised of functional, insulin and glucagon producing and releasing pancreatic islet cells, intended to treat and potentially cure patients with insulin-dependent diabetes.

Kadimastem was founded by Professor Michel Revel, CSO of the company and Professor Emeritus of Molecular Genetics at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Professor Revel received the Israel Prize for the invention and development of Rebif®, a multiple sclerosis blockbuster drug sold worldwide. Kadimastem is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: KDST).

Forward Looking Statement

This document may include forward-looking information as defined in the Securities Law, 5728 – 1968. Forward-looking information is uncertain and mostly is not under the Company's control and the realization or non-realization of forward-looking information will be affected, among other things, by the risk factors characterizing the Company's activity, as well as developments in the general environment and external factors affecting the Company's activity. The Company's results and achievements in the future may differ materially from any presented herein and the Company makes no undertaking to update or revise such projection or estimate and does not undertake to update this document. This document does not constitute a proposal to purchase the Company's securities or an invitation to receive such offers. Investment in securities in general and in the Company in particular bears risks. One should consider that past performance does not necessarily indicate performance in the future.

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